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Are you looking for a no-judgement zone where you can really let your hair down?

Do you want to be a part of something that inspires women to be the best version of themselves?  

Are you ready to get motivated and help motivate others?

If you answered yes to these questions, then REAL TALK IS FOR YOU!

The Hip Hop Shop will be hosting weekly meetings for everyday women!

This is NOT a weight loss center.  

This is NOT a diet meeting.

This is a place for support, encouragement, great discussions and REAL TALK!

What can I say?  I am pretty much an open book.  If you get to know me, you get to know the REAL me.  I don't hold anything back and I certainly don't shy away from my past.  I am who I am today because of what I have been through in my life.  I am hoping that by allowing others to come out of their shell and share their life experiences, we will become stronger together!  I love to empower women and see them succeed!  I am not perfect.  I know that's an impossible goal to set for myself.  I do, however, know that I can come as close to my version of perfect as possible by loving myself and doing what makes me happy.  I have learned that true happiness comes from within and you have to be your own biggest supporter!

If you don't know much about me, I will give you a quick rundown......

First, and foremost, I am a Mom. There are currently 5 (yes 5!) under the age of 8 living in our household!  I am recently remarried and am lucky to have found my best friend and soulmate.  I married and divorced young.  My experiences taught me that I was an emotional eater.  I found myself in very unhealthy, abusive relationships and decided that I deserved better.  I took back control of my life and decided forward was the only direction I was moving.  Lucky for me, I found a great man, father and friend (plus, I lost over 50lbs!) and could not be happier with where life my has taken me.

I have been in the Automotive Industry for almost 20 years!  It sounds so weird to say out loud, but it's been almost 2 decades!  I have over 10 years experience in Sales Management and over 10 years experience in Finance Management.  Of all my professional accomplishments, I must say that I am most proud of SURVIVING MY FIRST YEAR AS A BUSINESS OWNER!!!!!  It was not definitely not easy but has been rewarding on so many levels!  I will be eternally thankful for this opportunity.  

Surviving my first year owning a business has really lit a fire in me to help inspire others!  I have always prided myself in my ability to listen and offer advice/support to those who need a friend.  I love to motivate people and know that you can always learn something new.  

That is the goal of REAL TALK!

Weekly meetings will include:

* Short Term Fitness Goals

* 1-on-1 Discussions

* Monthly Weigh In

* Vision Board

* Guest Speakers

* Topic of the Week

* Journal Exchange

* Easy Meal Tips

* Weekly Motivational Strategies

* Organization Tips

* Support, Support and more Support!


One Thursday a Month


$5.00 per meeting


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