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About me, where do I even start?  I am a busy, full time working mom.  My children (blended family of 6 kids ages 13,12,11,10,10 and 4) are my world and keep me insanely busy!  My day starts promptly at 4am (it's the only time I have to myself before the crew wakes up!) with an intensely invigorating dance workout and ends with "dance parties" in the kitchen while the kids and I make dinner.  They are having fun and staying fit without even realizing it!  I call that a win for mom!  In addition to spending invaluable time with the kids, I have been able to lose close to 50lbs simply by doing what I love..DANCING!! This really started the wheels turning on ways that I could share this success with everyone.  In searching for an alternative to running aimlessly on a treadmill, I came across House Party Fitness and was instantly hooked.  I knew this was going to be the start of something amazing!  This program works for everyone - no matter your shape, size, budget or schedule!  I immediately got myself certified to become a House Party Fitness instructor and this is how The Hip Hop Shop was born!


 (Spring 2015)....


I was looking for a venue to host my daughters birthday party.  We were in the process of moving and a party at home was just not feasible.  Through research, I found that my available options were not quite what I was looking for.  The main issue I was facing was outrageous pricing.  Not only were prices high, the overall value versus the cost just did not seem worth it.  This was the final piece I needed to turn my vision into a reality and complete my dream known as The Hip Hop Shop.  I thought what better way to share my passion with others (without breaking the bank!) while allowing everyone to stay fit and have fun!  


I know firsthand how hard it can be keeping everything in order - family, career, birthdays, holidays, extracurricular activites, etc, etc, etc.  Money seems to be spent faster than I can make it!  From one mom on a budget to another, I would love to be able to help! Whether it's birthday parties for the kids, fitness classes for you or a holiday party for the family, let The Hip Hop Shop make it an experience you won't soon forget!


We offer classes that work with your schedule, birthday parties that work with your budget and a pay-as-you-go option that allows you to dance at your leisure with no commitment!  


We want everyone to be able to dance at their own pace while offering a fun environment for ages 1 to 100!

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