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If I can do it, so can you!!!!

I have always struggled to find a way to lose weight and keep it off.  I have tried every diet on the planet but nothing yielded the results I was looking for.  Dancing has always been an integral part of my life and is the only routine that I have been able to fully commit myself to!  After years of dancing around my house (alone and with the kids!), I came across House Party Fitness and was instantly hooked!  This was the perfect way to combine my passion for dancing and my desire to work out.  


The Hip Hop Shop is a place for everyone!!  I want everyone to feel comfortable when they walk in and walk out a better, more fulfilled, version of themselves!!I am excited to take this journey with you and can't wait to see what the future holds!!


Cardio Hip Hop
and Kids Fitness Instructor

After aging out of my 18 year dancing career, I went on the hunt for something to keep me fit!  When I stumbled upon The Hip Hop Shop by word of mouth, I was instantly in love.  So in love that I pursued my Zumba certification!  In addition to Zumba, I cannot wait to share my passion for dancing with children in our Kids Fitness Classes!  I look forward to having fun, staying in shape and building lifelong relationships with all of you!

Pound Instructor

I've been a cheerleader for most of my life, but after graduating high school, I had to find something else I loved to stay fit. I tried Pound classes at college and realized it was the only workout I enjoyed! I loved the mix of choreography and music, but I also found the energy of the class to be infectious and therapeutic. I decided to pursue my Pound certification to bring the class and that energy closer to home!

Zumba Instructor

My journey to Zumba began shortly after beating cancer.  Thinking it was just a means to relieve stress, I instantly fell in love with the combination of music and dance!  This propelled me to go for my Zumba Fitness certification.  Zumba has helped me achieve my fitness goals but I continue to teach because it makes me smile.  Laughter is contagious!

Barre Instructor

My love for Barre began 4 years ago while searching for a more holistic approach to aide in the healing of physical injuries and auto immune disease.  My desire to strengthen my mind, body and soul was found at the Barre and through fitness.  This passion quickly grew into something I wanted to share with others.  I received my Barre certification through 'Barre Above' and pursued my desire to share this experience and love for Barre.  I continue to educate myself in health, wellness and fitness and am passionate about sharing new ideas and techniques during class.  I find my students growth to be the biggest inspiration and believe we all need to find a place we can connect within ourselves and with others; a place to heal and grow physically and mentally.  I hope to inspire others to find peace, strength, growth and empowerment at the Barre.  My other passions include creating memories with my family, raising four beautiful children and pampering my clients at In The Village Salon and Spa!

Kids Dance

My love for dance started at the age of ten.  I have done various styles of dance and was a competitive dancer for ten years.  The past 2 years I have done three shows in New York City and continue to go up there to take dance classes.  I have also danced on Carnival Cruise ships and been in the Miss America Parade in Atlantic City!  I look forward to continuing my dancing career while minoring in dance at Stockton University and inspiring audiences and students all around.  My proudest accomplishment will be seeing my students take pride in their achievements as they grow as individuals and enjoy my classes!

Zumba Instructor

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been in love with music and dance.  Once I got to college, I was introduced to Zumba and I absolutely fell in love and knew I wanted to teach.  I got my certification in 2011 and have be sharing my passion of dance fitness ever since.  I truly enjoy losing myself in music!  My high energy classes include a variety of music ranging from Salsa to Soca to today’s top hits.  Aside from dance, I enjoy lifting at the gym, photography, creating new healthy meals to share on Instagram, and binge watching TV shows with my husband and our cat Emma.

Yoga Instructor

My love for yoga has grown since I took my first class, many years ago, in college.  Since then, my practice has evolved from more than just a workout into something that gave me stillness and the ability to "just be" in a busy world.  For this reason, I felt moved to become a yoga teacher and share this experience with others.  It gives me great joy to be a part of the studio and bring the joy and peace of yoga to my own class.  I firmly believe that yoga's connection of the mind and body is a great tool to deal with the everyday stress of life, and can be practiced at any age.  When I'm not on the mat, I enjoy spending time with my family, kayaking, hiking, camping and cooking.  I am also certified as a personal trainer.

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