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1-on-1  Fitness  Sessions

Looking for a more personal fitness experience?  Want to work closely with a fitness coach to achieve specific goals?  Interested in having someone available to work around your schedule? 


1-on-1 Fitness Sessions at The Hip Hop Shop are the answer you have been looking for! 


These sessions ensure that you get the attention and coaching that you need to achieve maximum results.  Fitness coaches will motivate you by helping set personal goals, providing valuable feedback and holding you accountable for your progress!


We offer individual sessions for those looking for that 1-on-1 face time with one of our fitness coaches.  We also offer partner sessions for clients that would enjoy the 1-on-1 training with a friend or family member by their side!!


To learn more, please fill out the form below or call Jenn at (856)899-7989.

Individual Sessions


30 minutes

1 session     $25

  5 sessions   $115

10 sessions   $230

20 sessions   $470


60 minutes

1 session     $35

  5 sessions   $165

10 sessions   $330

20 sessions   $670




Partner Sessions

    (available only in 60 min time slots)(a


60 minutes

1 session     $32 pp

  5 sessions   $155 pp

10 sessions   $315 pp

20 sessions   $635 pp

** meet our Fitness coaches **


On July 1, 2015, I decided to take back my life!  After gaining 100lbs between babies and depression, my life became dependent on other people's happiness.  It wasn't until that day that something clicked and I said enough is enough!  A long time member of a fitness center, I went ahead and began to put together my routine.  I had trained in the past, so putting together circuits came easy for me!  In addition to training, the meal plans that I created (and stuck with lol) have resulted in a loss of 58lbs!  Because of my personal experience and the feeling I get when I help others, it was a no brianer that this was my calling!!  I am super excited to be a part of each of your journeys and cant wait to reach our fitness goals together!!!


I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years!  i have had 2 spinal fusions and it has been a long, hard road to recovery.  It is amazing how the human body can repair itself with hard work and determination.  Fitness is my passion and it is great to be back motivating and helping others!!  I truly believe that when you challenge yourself, you change yourself!!

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